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About Us

Danmar Automotive is proud to provide top quality, trustworthy, professional auto services to Edmonton and Area. We put more effort in, we do good work, and we charge fair prices.

We are family-owned and operated. Bernie opened JD Danmar in 1980. Since then, we have built a reputation in Edmonton as an honest auto repair shop. We know that the automotive repair industry has a bad reputation- you have probably heard the stories of shops charging an arm and a leg for routine maintenance, or suggesting unnecessary and costly services.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and honesty. When you come to JD Danmar, you will feel comfortable knowing that we are taking all the best steps to repair your car and to prevent any unnecessary repairs in the future. 

Mark is now the owner and operator of Danmar Automotive, and is proud to continue his father Bernie's legacy providing excellent service.

Mark has been at Danmar Automotive since he was a kid. When he wasn't at the shop, he was racing cars, and you can find him in the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame!

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